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Streamline application delivery with Desktop Central’s self-service portal

From automated airport check-in systems to advanced mobile banking platforms, self-help initiatives are spreading like wildfire. Additionally, self-help has become crucial in the workplace, where accessing technologies greatly improves employee productivity. Desktop Central’s self-service portal provides an easy approach to …

Desktop Central 2 min read

Free webinar on accelerating threat detection and response with user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA)

Most security personnel take measures to combat threats from outside the network. However, what happens when the threat originates from the place you least expect–your own organization?

With insider threats on the rise, it’s important to have a security solution …

IT Security 1 min read

Don’t let passwords get in the way of your telecommuters’ work [Webinar]

Upwork estimates that 73 percent of all departments will have remote workers by 2028, with 33 percent of employees telecommuting full-time. With business becoming global and telecommuting catching up, organizations need to accommodate telecommuters quickly so they don’t miss out …

General 1 min read

Project Burndown report: A visual guide to tracking project progress from start to finish

According to a report published by the Project Management Institute (PMI), 49 percent of all IT projects are delivered late. The report identifies the two major factors that contribute to project delays as:

  1. Poor project estimates.

  2. Failure to adhere to

Analytics Plus 2 min read

ManageEngine wins at Future Network Awards—for the third time!

ManageEngine has added another gem to its crown, winning the Future Network Awards’ “Network Management and Monitor Vendor of the Year” award for the third time.

Tahawul Tech’s tenth annual Network World Middle East (NWME) Awards took place on March …

OpManager 1 min read

Learn how to secure Windows logons with two-factor authentication [Free webinar]

The go-to strategy for most cybercriminals is stealing user credentials and using them across multiple accounts in an attempt to compromise sensitive network resources. This credential-based attack strategy is highly popular, with 81 percent of successful data breaches utilizing this …

ADSelfService Plus 1 min read

Desktop Central enhances browser management with Browser Security Plus integration

Browsers today are available on most endpoints, and they’re used by nearly all employees on a daily basis. The extent of browser usage has made them a prime target for cybercriminals. Most malware is spread through browsers, making it a …

General 1 min read

Our guide to bridging the shortcomings of Active Directory’s password management features

As an IT administrator, most of your tasks revolve around password management. With most organizations using Active Directory (AD) to manage their IT, a major portion of your tasks are AD-based. However, it’s no secret that AD hasn’t evolved well …

ADSelfService Plus 1 min read

Rule impact analysis: A new dawn of firewall policy planning

A network security device is only as strong as its rules and policies. Firewalls can have rules for both inbound and outbound information. Inbound rules are meant to stop mischievous content from getting to your computer; whereas, outbound rules protect …

Firewall Analyzer 2 min read

Attend our Active Directory (AD) and IT security seminar from the comfort of your workplace

ManageEngine Online seminar

We’re thrilled to announce that our two-day Active Directory and IT security seminar will be available for online attendees. If you’ve always wanted to attend one of our seminars but haven’t been able to make the trip, here’s your chance.…

Active Directory 1 min read