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Five worthy reads: Data fabric: The means to end your data-related nightmares

Five worthy reads is a regular column on five noteworthy items we’ve discovered while researching trending and timeless topics. In this edition, we’ll learn about a framework called data fabric that can help solve a plethora of data management requirements

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[Infographic] Interested in learning more about the trends and challenges in digital transformation? Jump in!

No matter the year, season, month, or day, network downtime, data loss, and a lack of visibility over your network can make you feel stressed.

To combat these IT issues, we came up with a fun yet promising initiative: the …

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The troubles of being on Cloud9: Why your browsers are not safe

With the new browser botnet, Cloud9, waiting to penetrate your browsers remotely to access and steal your sensitive and confidential data, it can be challenging to stay safe while browsing the internet. As reported by Bleeping Computer, this Remote …

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Overcome your virtual machine monitoring woes with OpManager

As enterprises move towards a digital-first strategy, they rely much more on their IT infrastructures. An organization’s infrastructure drives the entire business and thus must be aligned with the organization’s business goals. This crucial task of managing an enterprise’s infrastructure …

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How to calculate the cost savings from a SIEM implementation [White paper]

Have you ever wondered how much a SIEM solution can save you but are unsure how to quantify its positive financial impact on your organization? This white paper discusses how you can calculate the cost savings from your SIEM implementation, …

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Applications Manager bags another token of excellence

We are thrilled to announce that ManageEngine Applications Manager won Best Application Performance Monitoring Brand at Enterprise IT World’s CIO Select Awards 2022, which took place in Bangalore along with Enterprise IT World’s Hybrid Cloud Summit & Awards 2022.

Among …

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5 advantages of deploying a cloud SIEM solution

As organizations are rapidly moving to the cloud to leverage the cloud advantage, services are also moving to the cloud, including cybersecurity solutions such as SIEM. In fact, SIEM as a Service is rapidly gaining momentum as an alternative to …

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Great Power(Shell) doesn’t always come with great responsibility: Sometimes, SIEM is all you need

Fileless threats are on the rise. These threats occur when cybercriminals use pre-existing software in victims’ systems to carry out attacks, instead of using a malicious attachment or file. More often than not, a criminal’s favorite tool for a fileless …

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How network admins benefit from DNS failover

Downtime is a nightmare, and every network or app administrator wants to avoid it in any way they can. The longer the downtime, the greater the potential for a loss of revenue and a damaged reputation for the organization.

The …

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