Privileged User Monitoring and Audit (PUMA)


Privileged Users, like Network Administrators, System Administrators, and Database Administrators all have unrestricted access to all the critical servers, applications, and databases in an enterprise. They have the powers to create or remove user profiles and manage user privileges. Their job function is critical for the business continuity of the organization and necessitates such unfettered access and supreme privileges.

External Threat

Through backdoor entry programs, once a network resource is compromised, hackers often go after Privileged User credentials leading to incidents of identity theft. This enables them to access business critical systems, read sensitive data, and ultimate…

Security Software Spending and Uncertain Times of Economy


The Economic Condition

After the down slide of US economy, there is lull now. Even the noted economist are not sure which way it will turn. Even in the uncertain economic times, the IT security cannot be compromised. It is a good sign that the companies are considering the IT/data security far too important. 

Gartner Survey Results

This is evidently clear from the results of the recent Gartner survey on budget allocation towards security software and services. Definitely there will be  an increase. It is around 4%. Even though there is an increase in budget, the increase is limited. But during the tough times, you do not have the luxury of big budget. The limited budget, the companies can set aside, ne…