Webinar – The Science Behind Effective Service Catalogues



Join us for the free webinar, The Science Behind Effective Service Catalogues on Thursday, March 19 at 2 PM AEDT (Sydney, Australia time).

James Gander, IT service management and operations consultant, will be our speaker for this webinar.


The date: Thursday, March 19, 2015

The time: 2 PM – 3 PM AEDT (Sydney, Australia time)

Awesome: Definitely

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In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The value of service catalogues to organisations

  • The three different types of service catalogues

  • How to build a service catalogue from the ground up

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7 Tips to Maximize IT Service Desk Performance with ServiceDesk Plus


7 Tips to Maximize IT Service Desk  Performance with ServiceDesk PlusServiceDesk Plus has an ocean of features for all the IT service desk technicians who want to manage the complete life cycle of their tickets. However, there are some unique features that add punch to your service desk operations. Here are seven valuable tips that will help you to reap more benefits out of ServiceDesk Plusand help you go that extra mile to keep your customers happy!  

Segregate Your End Users to Avoid Clutter

In a high-voltage IT environment, end users can sometimes be bombarded with announcements that are irrelevant to them. For example, users in Australia may see announcements regarding server outages elsewh

itSMF India National Conference 2014: Introductions, Conversations, and Intense Learning



The annual conference of the IT service management forum (itSMF) happened in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India. We were at the conference for the first time, and we met lots of new people, had interesting conversations, and learned quite a bit. We packed in a lot of learning on a single day – from Kaimar Karu’s tip on using ‘social lubricants’ for problem solving to intense panel discussions on business values of ITSM.

Several of the delegates stopped by at the ManageEngine booth and enquired about our products, especially ServiceDesk Plus. Needless to say, many of them were awestruck at the mere mention that more than 90,000 companies trusted ManageEngine to manage their

Big Data in ITSM


When we talk about big data in the world of IT service management (ITSM), we’re talking about two very different things: ​

  • Big data tools/services that IT provides to business – to number crunch business operations data.
  • Big data within IT operations – to handle and leverage complex IT operations data.

Big data services for business operations

In an increasingly competitive, data-driven world, business managers are looking for effective ways to manage and interpret business data, especially big data.​ Digitalized business operations, such as e-commerce websites and mobile banking apps, produce huge amounts of data, which makes managing them close to impossible by using traditio…

ServiceDesk Plus Is a “Godsend” for IT, Says Who?

ServiceDesk Plus Is a “Godsend” for IT, Says Who?



​​At ServiceDesk Plus, we love hearing from happy customers like Leroy Squires, who believes ServiceDesk Plus is a ​​”godsend.”

​Leroy works at Unisource Worldwide, Inc., a well-known logistics company, as its senior technical analyst and one of the five administrators who uses ServiceDesk Plus to manage the company’s globally distributed IT infrastructure with a team of 200 technicians.

In the following video, ​Leroy shares his experience with ServiceDesk Plus and highlights the two main benefits it delivers – simplicity and ease of use. Leroy also explains how affordable ServiceDesk Plus is com…

How ServiceDesk Plus Helps S&K Technologies Manage Its Distributed IT Infrastructure – Customer Talk


Managing a globally distributed IT infrastructure could be a difficult task, if not for ServiceDesk Plus. Now, one our customers, S&K Technologies, offers a video testimonial on how ServiceDesk Plus makes it an easy task to manage such distributed IT infrastructures.

S&K Technologies is a federally chartered corporation owned by the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes. Along with its five subsidiaries, S&K Technologies is one of the most successful ​tribally owned, professional and technology services companies in the United States. Steven Klepzig, senior communications engineer at S&K Technologies, talks about the ServiceDesk Plus benefits enjoyed …

How Blessing Hospital Replaced FrontRange Heat with ServiceDesk Plus – Customer talk


Unlike the past, these days, customers are better equipped to evaluate products. They base their opinions on how they experienced the product at different points in time and whether the product live up to their expectations. Here’s one such thorough and an honest opinion from one of our customers.

Todd Haverstock, administrative director of  Infrastructure Services at Blessing Hospital, tells us why he shifted from FrontRange Heat to ServiceDesk Plus.  In this video, he talks about the crisis his help desk had to face before they adopted ServiceDesk Plus. He also describes how ServiceDesk Plus, helped resolve the crisis and optimized the help desk performance.

Curious to know what challenges B…

Towards a Leaner IT: 7 Simple Ways to Reduce “Cost per Ticket”

7 Simple Ways to Reduce “Cost per Ticket”


Recently, John, an​ IT help desk manager, has been noticing a steep increase in IT expenses and, needless to say, is under tremendous pressure to bring them down. All that his team does all day is solve tickets, so he thinks reducing the “cost per ticket” could be a good starting point. To help John in his mission, we decided to tell him a little about this metric and what he could do to achieve a leaner IT help desk.

Why cost per ticket?

IT support is considered a cost center in most organizations and usually the first to get​ a budget cut during​ a financial downturn. ​Therefore,  IT support must remain efficient…

Will the Real SaaS IT Help Desk Leader Please Stand Up?

ServiceDesk Plus - IT Help Desk Leader



Not everyone can be a leader

In real life, the legacy you leave behind is the life you’ve led. As leaders in the ITSM space, we ask ourselves one question when we hold up the mirror. Are we leading and working in a way that creates the greatest positive impact on ITSM? All that we do here, we do with this one question in mind.

Why compare? Why now?

Choosing a leader probably wasn’t that difficult in the past because you had few choices. Today, you have a wide variety of players to choose from and be confounded by. To tell the truth, our heads are spinning just like yours. Among this wide variety, a few vendors really stand out. So can you hope to find one that fills your bill? Yes, because we believe the best decision…