Guest Blog : ManageEngine is now FREE.You only get what you pay for !


This is a guest post by Kenneth Gonzalez.

If you’ve read or paid attention to anything that I’ve written over time, you’ll know that I hate clichés.

OK, I’m lying through my teeth! I love them, but not for the reason which might seem apparent. You see, I think there’s a lot of truth and a lot of mischief in clichés. In each one, there is a nugget of truth which is often obscured or masked by a thick layer of common sense. Not the common sense that is like “you shouldn’t let your kids play in traffic.” No, I mean the common sense that is more like sleight of hand — if you say it quickly enough, (most) people will accept the statement at face value, nod their head approvingly and then move on as if what was sa…

Guest Blog : Upheaval in the Service Desk Space


This is a guest post by Peter Dorfman.

Help Desk Software is now a FREE download !

The wheels turn slowly in the enterprise software business. For all the talk among the industry pundits about accelerating technological change, it always feels as though the end user community is at least two years behind whatever fanciful curve the analysts are scratching out on corporate whiteboards. But markets simplify – they move toward entropy – until some event gives the whole lethargic field a much-needed kick in the pants.

The IT Service Management segment received just such a kick on March 5, when one of its maverick vendors, ManageEngine, announced it was cutting the price of its base platform – the help desk pac

Are you aware of the Seven Deadly Sins of IT Incident Management?

seven deadly sins of incident management

seven deadly sins of incident managementIT environments today are boiling cauldrons of complexity triggering incidents that can have major impact on business and user satisfaction, not to mention legal and financial implications. Incident Management teams race against time firefighting service disruptions and resolving incidents. In the already challenging and high pressure environment of Incident Management, you’ll be wise to stay clear of these seven deadly sins, that if ignored, can send your service desk’s reputation tumbling.

1.       Incorrect Ticket Assignments

When end users have visibility to the incident assignment process, incorrect and subsequent reassignments (passing the ticket from one support t…

Introducing ServiceDesk Plus 9.0 – For a smarter help desk!

Introducing ServiceDesk Plus 9.0

BLOG_BANNERWe started off in 2005 with help desk module. Thanks to our customers, we’ve come a long way since then. Unlike other players, ServiceDesk Plus is a help desk software that is built entirely on our customers’ feedback and requirements. In line with our customer-savvy approach, each new version is a direct result of the requests we receive from our customers.

Once gain, we’ve released the much-awaited ServiceDesk Plus 9.0 based in large part on suggestions and feedback from our loyal customers!

So why upgrade?

This release is loaded with new and exciting features that will take your help desk experience to the next level. We brought in workflows and automations to ease your help desk operations. We a…

Improving the efficacy of Servicedesk Plus with Desktop Central Advanced Remote Control


Welcome to the world of remote control operations using Desktop Central. Desktop Central  allows you to manage systems in remote locations using the advanced remote control feature that can be integrated with Servicedesk Plus.

With the Remote Control  feature  you can perform operations such as:


Click the history tab to track and analyze which system has been accessed and by whom. This helps you keep abreast of the details needed while auditing the systems to satisfy compliance requirements.

Remote File Transfer:

Remotely access desktops and transfer files between them.  Save the time and effort when you have to install .exe files to test  applications in multiple user systems.

Multi Monit

This Week’s Five: The ITSM You Didn’t Know About!


This Week’s Five is a weekly column of five interesting reads from all over the web, with a different topic each week.This week, we’ll explore the developments in the ITSM industry.

IT Service Management (ITSM) is arguably the lifeline of an enterprise. The service desk software, an ITSM tool, makes the work of an end user a cakewalk; just raise a ticket and rest assured that your problem will be fixed. But, how do you know that the help desk tools today are well-equipped and don’t lack any critical features? Are they developed based on user experience? How can IT be socialized? Read on to find…

Cure Your Service Desk with Customer Experience - We need to start assessing IT…

People Problem Can Compromise a perfectly good ITIL implementation


ITIL implementation seems like a piece of cake after you complete an ITIL Certification program or after a discussion with a consultant. But when you get down to the actual implementation, you’ll find a lot of hurdles, which hinders the proper process implementation. And of course, all processes don’t succeed.

Every organization is different. Each company has a different mixture of people, processes, environment, the help desk they use, type of support they provide, and other factors which influence process implementations. It is very important that ITIL processes are implemented in the right way at the right time. Also, the help desk should be matured enough to handle the process, or else t…

Project Management in ITSM is not arm wrestling. It is simply thoughtful.


I know many of you would already have a separate project management tool for managing your IT and would have jumped to the conclusion that you don’t really see the need for a Project Management module in a help desk. First things first! The Project Management module in IT might not seem any different from the regular tool already existing in your setup, but certainly comes with its merits: The advantage of a value-added integration to your help desk makes a world of difference in the way you handle your IT.  Let’s see how.

Configuring and setting up an ITIL environment is an enormous task with many hurdles that includes people, processes, third-party tools and various other factors. Having a separate Pr…

Guest Blog : Unlearning ITIL or just using the customer’s language?


The morning after the itSMF 2012 Awards Dinner is possibly not the best time to schedule the session that was most likely to pique attendees’ interest. But Aale Roos’ presentation on Unlearning ITIL was one that many wanted to hear, even if the initial slides were more about the well-known inaccuracies between ITIL v3 and the 2011 editions.

In the wider business world, we recognize that much of the work we do leverages IT capability into the non-IT Space, although as Aale pointed out, between a new customer demand and fulfillment, there can be up to 9 disparate processes.  And it is a safe bet that consumers who effectively order services will not be spending any of their time analyzing the underlyi…

Guest Blog : PAPER TIGERS in IT Service Management


One of the most ignored fields of IT management is Operations Management. It took ITIL until 2007 before recognizing it even as a topic, but we still lack a lot of information about the Operations Management process. I’ve been looking at this topic since early 1992, and wondered why we all just seem to ignore the one process where it actually happens: the process where we really handle the IT infrastructure and produce the IT service. All other processes are just paper tigers: paper (requests) go in, and other paper (orders) come out.

In 2001, I produced a pocket guide on this topic called “Operations Management, a new process”. The book was translated into English in 2004. It is sold out now (a…