Webinar – The Science Behind Effective Service Catalogues



Join us for the free webinar, The Science Behind Effective Service Catalogues on Thursday, March 19 at 2 PM AEDT (Sydney, Australia time).

James Gander, IT service management and operations consultant, will be our speaker for this webinar.


The date: Thursday, March 19, 2015

The time: 2 PM – 3 PM AEDT (Sydney, Australia time)

Awesome: Definitely

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In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The value of service catalogues to organisations

  • The three different types of service catalogues

  • How to build a service catalogue from the ground up

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The Present and Future of Mobile Device Management

Future of MDM 4

Future of MDM 4

When Steve Jobs launched the iPhone in January 2007, it marked the birth of a new era in mobile technologies. The mobile revolution has come a long way since then with enthusiasts now talking about wearables, targeted apps, remote charging, and more. In the next two years, the Internet of Things will make automation a part of daily life.

Businesses are also taking part in the mobile revolution by using mobile technologies to improve employee productivity and customer loyalty. But this adoption of mobile technologies by businesses has not come without challenges. For example, company CIOs are scrambling to put management controls on mobile computing, such as bring your own device (BYOD) policies. IT manage…

Join Us at the ManageEngine UserConf in Dubai!


ME-User-Con-Blog-Banner (1)

Mark your calendar for March 18 and 19, 2015; the ManageEngine UserConf15 is en route to the Middle East, and we can’t wait to meet you all there.

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll get by attending this user conference.

1. Learn about

  • Managing incidents, service requests, assets, and change and service levels of your IT.
  • Maintaining high uptime of applications and websites.
  • Monitoring networks, servers, and virtual environments.
  • Effective user provisioning and management, exchange server auditing, and real time IT audit and compliance.
  • Neutralizing internal and external threats to IT security.

2. Participate in 1-on-1 discussions with a ManageEngine product expert and check out n…

Webinar – 8 Ways to Align IT to Business



As companies look towards 2015 and beyond, they will need to use technology to achieve  business objectives and win against the competition.

Join us for a free webinar on 8 Ways to Align IT to Business on Thursday, the 29th of January at 2 PM AEDT (Sydney, Australia time) by Claire Brereton, IT governance consultant and director, ITSMF Australia.

Claire has been the CIO of organisations in diverse industry sectors, including healthcare, financial services, and manufacturing. She was also recently honoured with the title FACS (Fellow of the Australian Computer Society) for her contribution to the IT industry.

The date –  January 29, 2015 (Thursday)

The time2:00 PM – 3:00 PM AEDT (Sydney

ManageEngine UserConf14 Is Here!

ME User Conf 14 Pitstop blog banner

ME User Conf 14 Pitstop blog banner

The ManageEngine UserConf is at our doorstep! And we’ve been waiting for it with bated breath. Fun-filled discussions late at night, mails flying across the globe, fiery brainstorming sessions, impromptu huddles at the face of a hurdle – this is how the past few weeks have been at ManageEngine. The excitement has now reached its zenith. We have less than a month to go, and we can’t wait to meet all of you on November 13 and 14, 2014. This year, we bring you new product updates that will make your IT service management a walk in the park. So, get ready to be bowled over!

Come to UserConf14 and learn how to manage and measure incidents, assets, problems, change, and service levels for your IT

10 Key Steps to Align IT with Your Business

Align IT with Your Business

Have you ever felt your car pull to the left or right when you wanted to go straight?  You’d immediately know that the wheels must be realigned. Now, if your business were your car, your IT is undoubtedly the wheels.  So if your business starts to underperform, it may be time to check your IT and business alignment.

Align IT with Your Business

Here are 10 key steps to aligning your IT and business and straightening things out.

  1. Have a dynamic CIO: You need a CIO who collaborates with top executives, analyzes market data and trends, and strategizes for the future. The CIO must invest in the right technologies that will power your company to win in the marketplace. This will help transform the way your company does busin

Join Our SysAdmin Day 2014 Celebrations


Thank You, Sysadmin

Sysadmin Day is coming and ManageEngine is all set to make it special this year! Almost always, we lose track of the relentless effort sysadmins make behind the scenes to ensure that our jobs are easy. We’ve remained oblivious to their hard work and take them for granted. That said, let’s skip to the part where we can do something about it and finally express our appreciation!

At ManageEngine, we’ve made a commitment to thank as many sysadmins as possible every year on this big day. In the last couple of years, we encouraged IT users to thank their sysadmins by nominating them for a contest. And this year, too, we’re asking you to thank your sysadmins by entering a contest.

To join us in than…

Tips to consolidate your data center, IT Management for SMBs, the impact of the Internet of Things, and more

ManageEngine in the News


Is the password on its way out? V. Balasubramanian, marketing manager at ManageEngine weighs in on the death of the password  ​in his ​Business Computing World article.

Read about the benefits and impact of the Internet of things in Sridhar Iyengar’s PC Quest article.

In its exclusive review of EventLog Analyzer, ​Computing Security talks in detail about the various features of the SIEM solution and the advantages it brings to the end user.

What does today’s CEO need to pay close attention to? In his Forbes blog, ManageEngine President Raj Sabhlok advises that IT security is the new performance target for CEOs.

Check out ITP.net’s cov…

Zero-day vulnerability highlights the perils of using an EOLed platform


Zero-day attackEven before the dust from the Heartbleed bug could settle, another security bug has already rocked the Internet. Microsoft has acknowledged the vulnerability in Internet Explorer (IE) that could allow remote code execution (RCE) of PCs using the company’s browser. This vulnerability applies to IE versions 6 through 11. To secure PCs against this vulnerability, Microsoft has released a security fix, including a surprise, one-time patch for Windows XP users.

The zero-day attack in IE is created by malicious SWF files that create a vector object, and corrupt the allocated memory. Then, the SWF file injects malicious payload into the memory, which is executed when the browser attempts to access the v…

Take Heart, ManageEngine Products Are Not Vulnerable to The Heartbleed Bug


Except the most recent version of Desktop Central (build 90000), no other ManageEngine product is vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug.

By now, you’ve probably been swamped by numerous advisories from various vendors on the ‘Heartbleed bug,’ and now, here comes one from ManageEngine. However, you can take heart: all but one of our ​products are immune to the Heartbleed bug. Except the most recent version of Desktop Central build 90000, no other ManageEngine product is vulnerable.

The ​Heartbleed bug, the flaw in OpenSSL’s TLS implementation, is perhaps the biggest vulnerability in Internet history and has​ sent panic waves throughout IT and consumer com…